Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apartment Gardening: Preparing for Cold Weather

Brrrr! It's cold today. Cold in relation to when I last wrote a blog entry. Today's high temperature was about 59 degrees with rain and wind, and judging by what my impatients and tomato plants look like, they're on their way out.

This season was quite the contrast from last year. Only about eight of the red pear tomatoes made it, and the Lemon Boy tomatoes never made it to the color or size of a lemon. I think this is partly because of the lack of heat this summer and the lack of sunlight that reaches my patio. I feel sad because I was looking forward to finding out how the yellow tomatoes would taste. But because the startings were less than $2 each, I'm not too bummed out.

However, I did experience déjà vu with the impatients. Like last year, they spread out like a carpet almost a foot high. They were really pretty.

The fern and hosta also did well. They grew quite a few leaves and are pretty well established.

Yet with the cold weather creeping in, I'll have to say goodbye to my tomato plants and impatients. I'll dig them up soon and loosen up the dirt before more rain sets in.

I'm open to suggestions of what I should plant next year.

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