Sunday, August 1, 2010

Apartment Gardening: Growing Tall

It is already the beginning of August, and my garden continues to grow. The first two red pear tomatoes have come out, but it will be a little longer before they are ready to eat. The Lemon Boy tomato plant is still growing, but not fruit yet. Both plants are much taller since I last wrote. I'm not sure though how high is too high.

The basil plant smells wonderful, and I can't wait to make Caprese salad. Mmmmm :)

The impatients are spreading like two beautiful carpets on both sides of the gate. On one side, I planted some begonias bulbs (right). The yellow one has come up, and the red one is almost in bloom.

The hosta (also from a bulb) keeps growing. Every time I pass by it, the plant seems to sprout another leaf. Some of my neighbors grow hosta (below) too, and the plants get to be a pretty big.

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