Saturday, February 19, 2011

Waking Up to a House on Wheels

As I was going through some of my old pictures, I completely forgot about the time I woke up on a Sunday morning to the sound of crews moving a house down my street.

An old white house on 18th and Patterson was being moved to a new location in order for an apartment complex to be built in its place.

To tell you the truth, the sound that I actually woke up to was a police officer making a phone call to get somebody to tow a car that was in front of my apartment.

There were sandwich board signs up and down Polk Street and other areas of town that said you couldn't park there during certain hours on Sunday, August 8, 2010 or else you would be towed.

That car got towed. I don't know whose it was. It had been there for a few days. I wonder if anybody else got towed.

But shortly after that, I heard a big truck and ran downstairs and outside to see what exactly was being moved.

I wasn't the only one ready to watch. Three neighbor ladies were already there watching with their cameras ready to snap some pictures. Somebody even set up two folding chairs so they could sit and watch the house go by. You would think they were waiting to watch a parade or something. I think we were the only ones outside.

If it was a parade, it was the slowest one I've ever seen. It took what seemed like forever for crews to lift up the power lines one by one as the house passed underneath. The house snapped a few tree limbs off in the process.

A couple of motorcycle cops got the cushy job of escorting the procession. I heard the house got moved to somewhere in west Eugene.

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